Saturn Devouring His Children  South Wall  Gig-Dome  The Guisewite Ambergris (detail)  DH, Blue Collar, 1997, found namepatches on unprimed canvas, 30 X 40 ins  DH w Vallance, Hawkinson, Hayward, Thorner, Gonzales-Torres, Knutzen, Frank, & Arnold - Culturally Natural/Naturally Cultural, 1997 miniature curated group show, approx 12 X 12 X 9 ins  SSTSCMX67 -  east wall  SSTSCMX67 - entrance with Mishima Bear  SSTSCMX67 - north wall  SSTSCMX67 - west wall w original film loop diagram  DH, Disc®otu m, 1997, soft double mirror ball, fabric, stuffing, optional motors, approx 40 X 30 X 24 ins