Landscape Portrait of Kato Kaelin (detail), 1999

Skipping Formalities

Landscape Portrait of Kato Kaelin (detail)(1999)Shaved fun fur, E-Z- water, etc. Photo by Dennis Reed.

"Following a series of site-specific counter-clockwise experimental narrative multimedia installations in the St. Sebastian series, Skipping Formalities (also the title of an art critical column in Art issues. magazine) was an attempt to reintegrate the developments and vocabulary of that period – including kinetic, video, and sound elements -- into the traditional concept of painting’s capacity for illusionistic depth as a portal to a virtual space. Stay Gold Pony Boy and Landscape Portrait of Kato Kaelin (already a ‘Where are they now?’ personality at the time of execution) are examples of the less gizmofied of the SF series."

Skipping Formalities Gallery