Mannlicher Carcano - Trouble Comes in Threes


It Only Laughs When I Hurts cassette 1987 (undistributed – lost)

Level Best self-released cassette 1987

Walpurgisnacht self-released cassette 1988

Fogwit hand-tooled double single vinyl 1989

Next Best self-released cassette 1990

Demonstrating Modern Music single 1991

MC on 45 single 1992

Honorable Mentions cassette 1992

War Measures Act self-released cassette 1994

As Is self-released cassette 1995
Never Jam Today self-released cassette 1995
FogWit self-released cassette 1995
Also distributed in limited 3-cassette package by Audiophilus International

Noodle Ring Again cassette (undistributed) 1997

Half Duplex/Receive Only CD 2000

Hunt Down and Punish CDR single 2001

Infinite Monkeys college DJ only CDR single 2003

Trouble Comes in Threes anthology CD (limited release of 2 CD preview of eventual 3 CD set) 2004

Corps limited CDR distribution 2007; full length vinyl LP Fall 2010

Crawl to Safety... with Mannlicher Carcano e-album Pleonasm Music/itunes, Summer 2009

Courtesy Flush Volume 1 Ltd Ed 16-hour audio CDR Redacted Records, Jan 2010

Compilation Appearances

You Win Again (BeeGees Cover) "1992 Mining Disaster" BGMDMCMXCII Records 001, L.A. 1992

"Less Art Cassette" international audio art cassette compilation, Warnerkunst Recordings , L.A. 1994

Armageddon Outa Here "Time Capsule Vol.4" (FDR Recordings) cassette compilation 1999

M.C. on 45 Deconstructed radio program for "Radiant Dissonance" (Canadian Society for Independent Radio Production multi disc compilation CD set) 2000

Infinite Monkeys for "Musicworks 84" CD 2002

Diamond Dust Has Been Carrying Coal "Difficult Music for Difficult People" RRs.R CD Belgium July 2003

Increased Chatter "What’s Up Mutants? Vol 1" CD compilation 2005

"Less Art #3" CDR Audio Zine (sound art & music) March 2006

What the Arthur Fuck online audio publication Textsound #8, www.textsound.org

MC on 45 Blorp Cassette Volume 1, (LAFMS), 2013

Broken Glass, The Blorp Esette Gazette CD, Volume Two, Spring 2014