MC in the Peg with Simulacral Porter

Mannlicher Carcano CV

Mannlicher Carcano Radio Hour TrentRadio/CFRU Guelph. Live improvised 3-city (L.A. to Winnipeg to Peterborough/Guelph, ON) telephone-linked audio collage weekly radio performance transmitted on FM radio and webcast. Most Saturdays 12 Noon Pacific www.cfru.ca 1998-present

Corps full length vinyl LP Spring 2010

Crawl to Safety... with Mannlicher Carcano e-album Pleonasm Music/itunes, Summer 2009

Gala Mannlicher Carcano 20th Anniversary "Next Time" West Coast Mini-Tour 2008
with Really, Porter and “New Gogo” Breaks plus guests, October 2008, including:

Untide Weights Away Live performance at LA Valley college opening of Untidy: The Worlds of Doug Harvey
Rhizomatic Transmissions Live improvised soundtracks to Doug Harvey’s Moldy Slide Show , Museum of Jurassic Technology
Next Time This Time Live performance, EARWAX Festival, Riverside Art Museum
Change My Twizzler Vomitty Diapers! Live webcast on Let’s Paint TV with John Kilduff
Toward a Patacritical Linguistics Live radio broadcast with Rock Pitts and Professor Cantaloupe on KXLU’s Glossolalia program

Bong Leach radio/multimedia performance SoundWalk2007 experimental music festival Long Beach CA, September 2007

Sine Quoi?! Non radio performance OK.Quoi?! Festival Sackville NB Aug 2007

The Day the Music Died multimedia performance (with guest soloists steve roden, Rick Potts, & Dani Tull) High Energy Constructs gallery, LA Feb 03 2007

Art’s Birthday radio performance CJUM-FM Winnipeg, Jan 2007

fluxfilms spatial remix soundtracks performance (with steve roden, Carole Kim & others) LACE, LA Aug 2006

Less Art #3 CDR Audio Zine (sound art & music) March 2006

This Band is From Canada and Who Gives a Shit performance and Urban Leprechaun soundtrack performance compact/space, LA April 2006

Let’s Paint TV video performance cable access television broadcast, improvised while posing for portrait Mar 2006

Mannlicher Carcano : Hegemony Cricket live improvised Super-8 soundtracks performance Echo Park Film Center, Mar 2006

Increased Chatter What’s Up Mutants? Vol 1 CD compilation 2005

Full Radio Duplexity performance send+receive festival (experimental music festival) Winnipeg Oct 2005

Trouble Comes in Threes anthology CD (limited release of 2 CD preview of eventual 3 CD set)

Mannlicher Carcano vs Nanook of the North multimedia performances Sound Symposium (experimental music festival) Newfoundland July 2004 (two shows), Echo Park Film Center, LA Oct 2004

Really Paid the Price performance Sound Symposium, St. John’s NL 2004

Infinite Musicworks Monkeys performance Musicworks Fundraiser, Toronto June 2004

Recombinant Pong performance Ambient Ping: Radio in Ambience , Toronto May 2004

Infinite Monkeys college DJ only CDR single 2003

Diamond Dust Has Been Carrying Coal Difficult Music for Difficult People RRs.R CD Belgium July 2003

Infinite Monkeys for Musicworks 84 CD – in conjunction with
Making No Noise: The Mannlicher Carcano Radio Hour (Ellen Waterman) magazine cover story Musicworks 84 Fall 2002

Boxer Shorts soundtracks performance (with CCCP-SCC) Echo Park Film Center, Sept 2002

Location, Location, Location: a scrap of a map of Mannlicher Carcano essay (Doug Harvey) in “Sonic Geography Imagined and Remembered” book Ellen Waterman, ed. Pemumbra Press 2002

Half Duplex/Receive Only review (Deanna Radford) Stylus Magazine Dec/Jan 2001

Tape Music review of Half Duplex/Receive Only (steve roden) Musicworks 81 Fall 2001

Gas Grass or Ass: The Van Show LA performance and installation featuring public debut of
Hunt Down and Punish self-released CDR single East Side Art Crawl LA Sept 14, 2001

The Mannlicher Carcano Radio Hour: Social Adventures in Sound paper (Ellen Waterman) presented at Communities in Dialogue: Jazz and Civic Discourse, Guelph ON Sept 2001

Bananafish 15 2001 review of Half Duplex/Receive Only

Travel Smart & Filing Cabinet archive installation DIRT Gallery LA, August 2001

Ambient Narratives: Off Register installation ( Sounding Off: A Series of Audio Installations ) University Art Museum, University of California, Long Beach, July 2001

One Night Stand performance installation Farmers Daughter Motel, LA Jan 2001

Mannlicher Carcano interview (Deanna Radford) Stylus Magazine Apr/May 2001

Half Duplex/Receive Only CD 2000

Sound Art and Ecology review of SoundEscape (Clarissa DeYoung), Musicworks 78 Fall 2000

Klanggeographie – real und imaginativ review of SoundEscape (Hans Ulrich Werner), Musiktexte 85, 2000

SoundEscape: An International Conference on Acoustic Ecology panel & lecture academic conference, Peterborough ON June 2000 and related events (next 3 entries)

Gogo's Exciting World Of Noise radio performance premiere of "A Nice Present" and interview Trent Radio June 2000

RaDio Burst! Radio Art Festivalradio performance Trent Radio June 2000

Puffed Thematic Drag multimedia performance The Music of Sound, Market Hall, Peterborough June 2000

Ecumene Journal of Cultural Geography preview of SoundEscape (Ellen Waterman) Spring 2000

M.C. on 45 Deconstructed radio program for Radiant Dissonance (Canadian Society for Independent Radio Production multi disc compilation CD set) 2000

Through the Flower performance for Tape-Music at Beyond Music Series, Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center, Venice, CA

Noodle Ring Again cassette (undistributed) 1999

Armageddon Outa Here Time Capsule Vol.4 (FDR Recordings) cassette compilation 1999

The Art of Homemaking weekly live international telephone radio performance improvisations on Trent Radio's I'm Making No Noise , Peterborough ON, 1998

Live at the Whiskey A-Go-Go,Hollywood Bowl, andVenice Beach Pavilion performances Los Angeles, 1996

Overture to the Fat Elvis (with N.S.R.J.B.) multimedia performance at LACE Gallery, LA 1996

You Can Start Again feature-length VHS music video 1995

As Is self-released cassette 1995
Never Jam Today self-released cassette 1995
FogWit self-released cassette 1995
Also distributed in limited 3-cassette package by Audiophilus International

Godsend zinereview of War Measures Act , 1995

Regicide and Dispersion multimedia performance CRCA computer arts center, San Diego, Mar 1993

War Measures Act self-released cassette 1994

Less Art Cassette international audio art cassette compilation, Warnerkunst Recordings , L.A. 1994

MC on 45 single 1990

Honorable Mentions cassette 1992

Prickle’s Progress (Mannlicher Lounge Act)multimedia performance West End Cultural Center, Winnipeg, April 1992

No Bodies UCSD Interarts “In Body” Festival, San Diego 3 city international audio telelink performance Nov 22, 1991

You Can Start Again (29 hour performance) Definitely Superior Gallery, Thunder Bay ON, June 1991

St. Sebastian LaBianca Home Entertainment Unit (with Fogwit ) sound sculpture and performance Student Bolshevik Gallery, Mar 1991

Engulfment multimedia performance Plug In Gallery, Jan 16 1991

Ethnomusicological Field Recordings No 3: Oz Student Bolshevik Gallery, Winnipeg 1990

Demonstrating Modern Music single 1990

Plug-In Radio Hour,Virtual Audio Realities,Sub-Frag radio performances on COR-FM, Winnipeg 1990 - 1991

Next Best self-released cassette 1990

Agasy to Ecstony performance Ace Art Inc January 1990

Prickle’s Progress Ace Art Benefit multimedia performance, Winnipeg, MB 1990

Fogwit double single vinyl 1989

Apropos of a Prom multimedia performance Artspace cabaret, Winnipeg June 1989

Walpurgisnacht self-released cassette 1988

Walpurgisnacht performance Bates Building Winnipeg Apr/May 1988

Muybridge Deferred performance UnArt Gallery

Level Best self-released cassette 1987

It Only Laughs When I Hurts cassette 1987 (undistributed – lost)

Various untitled performances Winnipeg 1987 - 1991