Nic & Mike Waterman, Torrey Pines State Reserve, 1992?  Dieter (AKA Spike), 1998?  Patty Wickman, Clare and Tim Hawkinson, UCSD  2005  Isis Aquarian, Source Family lecture, Silverlake 2007  Anonymous baby, Trader Joe s, Silverlake 2008  Nigel s shadow over Reyna s dining area, 2007  Local Briefer, Desert Christ Park, CLUI Hinterlamd Redux bus tour, 2007  Lee Lynch at Ishi film screening, Oroville, 2007  John White at UM cafe, 1987  Nate Lowman, PS1, NYC, 2005  Raffi Kalendarian, Footloose Dance Montage Recreation shoot, 2007   Jenna James & Dan Rae Wilson,  middle school graduation 1997(?)  Alice, Museum of Jurassic Technology, 2004  Daryl(?) + Rev Ethan Acres, POST, 1999(?)  Jim Shaw, POST Gallery (Phil Argent paintings), 1999  David Wilson at Exotic World in Helendale, California, 2000?  Moritz Fehr, Disneyland, 1998?  Don Bolles, Bridget Marrin, & Johannes Auvinen at Foshay Masonic Lodge, Culver City 1998?  Cyrus and Rev Ethan Acres, Standard Hotel, 2004  Nigel & Portfolio, Carbon Canyon Park, Brea CA, 2010  Portfolio, Edendale, 2010  George Budd & Don Clark, Signal Hill, Long Beach (CLUI bus tour)2009  Scott Edwards, Edendale, 1999?  Jeffrey Vallance, Umea, Sweden, 2000  Matt Coolidge, CLUI Oil Bus Tour, 2009  Fabio &Christian Cummings, Apricot Tree Restaurant, Firebaugh CA, 2009  Self-portrait with the Gout, Edendale,  Portfolio & Chloe s littermates Phoebe Couture & Diesel, elder siblings Darren and Harmony, Cal Poly Pomona, 2009  Jean Baudrillard at Whiskey Pete s Casino, Primm, NV, 1996 (DH s 1st digital photo)  Erik Knutzen strikes a pose in Olafur Eliasson s installation at the Jamie Residence, Pasadena (2005)  Chloe and Portfolio watch Mike Bonano on TV, Lompoc CA, 2009  Portfolio watches Andy Bichlbaum on TV, Lompoc CA, 2009  Devin McNulty & Dave Nordstrom, Hi Good screening, USC, 2009  Cory Zachariah & clan, Hi Good screening, USC, 2009