Disused Swimming Pool, Childrens Museum of Utah, Salt Lake City, 1996?  Lonely Cloud, NY-LA (2005)  Wind array, CLUI Hinterland Redux bus tour, 2007  Shredding screen, Noah Purifoy s Joshua Tree Environment (2007)  Disused balcony, Oroville theater (2007)  Blue Field, Los Angeles, 2003  Italian culture parking lot, Los Angeles, 2003  Living Room, Edendale 2003  Early Morning Chinatown Skyline, Los Angeles, 2003  Tim Hawkinson s Uberorgan reflected in the facade of the Trump Tower, NYC, 2005  Hansen Dam Park, 2018  Lakeview Terrace Library, 2018  Lakeview Terrace Library 2, 2018  Lakeview Terrace Library 3, 2018  Lakeview Terrace Library 4, 2018  Desert Lighthouse Launch Event, 2017  Eeyore shade blankie, Ventura Fairgrounds, 2012  Big Blue Ball, Ventura Fairgrounds, 2012  Lfe in a Bikini, 2011  Dog show vendor are, Indio, 2010  Fencehole Landscape 1, Silverado, 2016  Blank Dogshow signage 2015  BE FREE IND, East LA 2017  Painted Pillar, 10 Fwy, 2017