David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust

Doug Harvey's Skipping Formalities

"Observing stutters and glitches in the fabric of popular culture, lapses in continuity and taste, locked grooves, awkward breaches of protocol, rude noises, and other indications of creative activity."

Jonestown & The Aesthetics of Paranoia

Duped (The Zapruder Film as Art Object)

Pow et. al. (Jack Kirby's Fourth World)

Zen and the Art of Make-Believe: A Date with Mister Rogers

The King is Dead; Long Live Tiny Tim

Brand Illusion: Harley's Angels

The Aesthetics of the Cigarette (or, Smoke for Smoke's Sake)

Beyond So Wrong They’re Right (the lost-and-found art of songpoems)

Cult Fiction:The Life and Times of L. Ron Hubbard (Mar 1997)

Coming Soon

Alias Garth Brooks: Good Ol’ Boy or Transgender Cyborg? Summer 2001

The Voice of God (Glossolalia & text-sound composition) Mar/Apr 2001

Help! (Artists’ self-help books) Jan/Feb 2001

Happiness is a Warm Rod (McKuen) Nov/Dec 2000

Glam Gnost (Gnostic Action Movies Provide Role Models For Men, Paradigms For The Role Of Art In Society!) Sept/Oct 2000

Thomas Kincaid: Painter of Light Sept 1999

The Man Who Sold the World (David Bowie) Mar 1999

Cravan Vs. Johnson: Art, Boxing & Entertainment ssues Nov 1997