Pre-Rotted: Pastoral (Grazing on the Ruins) (2008) (formerly Blue Collar, 1997)  Pre-Rotted - Erik Knutzen, Thoughtstylist (for National Portrait Gallery juried show)  Pre-Rotted - The Diamond Sutra  Dream House (Pre Rotted) (2009)  O Lymbic bride (Plebeian Thirst Pools #1)(Pre Rotted)(2009)  The Marriage of Pancho and Carmen (Pre Rotted) (2009)  Diamond Sutra 2 (Pre Rotted) (2009)  Hanky Code (Pre Rotted) (2008)  After Heinekens (Pre Rotted) (2008)  (Pre-Rotted) Potato Tree, 2011  (Pre-Rotted) Potato Tree (2), 2011  (Pre-Rotted) Potato Tree (detail), 2011  (Pre-Rotted/Unauthorized Collaboration) Rectilinear Occlusion Gear 01, 2011