St Sebastian La Bianca Home Entertainment Center (one of two, with Mannlicher Carcano single FOG WIT)  St  Sebastian Alex Briley Mutinus Mutunus Black Narcissus (1993)  St  Sebastian ... Black Narcissus was a shoe-polish blackened fiberglass replica of a classical horse-head sculpture, mounted on a sailboat mast mounted in the wall of the exhibition space; Martin Kersels tripped over the hallway portion of the installation and shortly thereafter began his "tripping" performance photos  St  Sebastian ... Black Narcissus had pegasus wings from a found dead pigeon attached to the mast  St  Sebastian ... Black Narcissus included a tape loop mechanism in the horse head which played a fragment of S/M dialogue from a found copy of the classic hardcore gay  film "Iron Men"  Order Here Please (Later Than You Think), 1993  Order Here Please (Later Than You Think), a site-specific sound sculpture installation at UCLA  Order Here Please (Later Than You Think), the old air conditioning units on the roof filled with rainwater, threatening to collapse.  Order Here Please (Later Than You Think), the vintage Jack-in-the-Box drive-thru sign clown face blinked on and off as a tape loop repeated over  tolling bells "It... is... later... than... you... think."  Order Here Please (Later Than You Think), from a deep black recess through a charred orifice oozed a spray-foam ectoplasm studded with clown puppet-heads...  Order Here Please (Later Than You Think), some of which, motorized, gnawed at the post holding up the structure.