Cover for Captain Eelbegone

Captain Eelbegone
Written 1991-1996
Self-published 1998
Main story included in Blurred Vision #4 2008

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"Except for a channeled theater-of-the-absurd excretion called 'Bwa Milan-Go-Boom', 'Captain Eelbegone in A Farewell to Eels' was the last of my epic improvisation-minded comics before the verbal centers of my brain got annexed in the interests of art criticism. Although I had made sporadic attempts to do comics right, I just didn't have the patience or interest to write a whole story, rough it out, pencil it in, and ink it. So I developed a way of working (basically drastically lowered standards) that allowed me to continue writing and drawing a story regardless of such hobgoblins as continuity, coherence, and consistency.

I could put something aside, pick it up a year later, and proceed with whatever drawing tools, psychoactive chemicals, and free-floating narrative ideas happened to be at hand. Not only was it more fun, but it was continually surprising – I would often have no idea WHAT I had been thinking at the time (I probably produced 50 abandoned fragments for every finished story), and would be forced to piece together some shakily plausible scenario to move the action forward. I owe a lot to Jerry Bruckheimer.

All the same, I was usually pretty happy with the results, and was particularly pleased that photocopies of 'Capt. Eelbegone' found their way into the hearts and minds of several friends’ children, who enthusiastically accepted it at face value. Looking back, I can also see the kind of deep psychological material that emerges when you constrain rational filtering in artworks – observations about the underlying fetishistic paraphilia of contemporary American life and emotional responses to the death of both my parents during the 1991-96 period in which it was made.

But don't let that stop you from enjoying it at face value. I'm honored and thrilled that it has a chance to entertain. some more people. And if you get nothing else out of it, make sure to try the alu ghobi recipe, which I included to ensure your time would not have been completely wasted."