FF "Death by Sneezing!"  FF "gOES wEST"  FF "Trix are for Fudd!" aka "Flash Fuck"  FF "Think and Grow Reconnaisance"  FF "No. 12 Atomic Paranoid Goggles Attak Secret Romance" aka "Chirk!"  FF "Birds of a Feather"  FF "Love Out - A True Adventure"  Flash Fudd - "Obey That Impulse!"  FF - "Exciting Prizes - Plenty of Profits"  FF - "File of the Periled Peacemaker"  FF - "Free Dream-aids"  FF - "Funky Bee"  FF - "Dont Play the Fools Game"  FF - "On any Surface Nothing Writes"  FF - "Loud Fuck n Clear"  FF - "No 1001 Ever-last Deadly Sonic Pop Balls from Nowhere WILL Live Forever!"  FF - "Mister Destroy-it-All"  FF - "Oh a Visitor"  FF - "A Brand New You!"