Buck Burns - Europtica (An Alpine Negotiation) 1993

Buck Burns

Founder and director of The Burns Institute, a think tank whose semi-legal tenure on San Diego's Fiesta Island drew international attention. When the state Supreme Court refused to hear the Institute's plea for squatters rights on the basis of 'boriginal' land claims, they had to vacate. The Burns Institute was in late negotiations with Sonny Bono to fund its permanent relocation in Hemet, when Mr. Bono's untimely death and the absence (and seeming disappearance) of corroborative documents resulted in the redirection of the allocated funds into the ill-conceived Salton Sea project, which ironically enough was originally proposed to Bono by none other than Professor Burns himself at The Windsock restaurant in San Diego and witnessed by 3 other unbiased persons. Be that as it may, Bono's demise planted the seed that was to blossom as 'Europtica' , the long awaited final chapter in Burns' 'video trialectic'.

Prof. Burns advocates a radical restructuring of culture around the privileging of unverifiable phenomena. This strategy, known as 'humanicism' has proven itself time again in his own work and in that of his followers, opening up entire new vistas of experience for humanic reclamation . Prof. Burns' work in variety of media have garnered him many awards, including the Palme de L'eau at the XXI Independent Scholars Seminar in 1993 in London for his widely acclaimed video 'My Optica'

Notoriously cautious about public appearances, Prof. Burns has nevertheless managed to present more than a dozen papers to various Scholarly assemblies, the texts of which may or may not make up the bulk of his book Buck Burns' Cocktail Recipes and Bar Guide , forthcoming from iNFINITE jEST pRESS.

For updates on the status of the Burns Institute, and forthcoming activities of Prof. Burns and his associates, consult their website at www.burnsinst.org

Buck Burns’EUROPTICA: An Alpine Negotiation
(1998) 3 minutes

In Cabanne’sDialogs with Marcel Duchamp,M.D. credits the idea of his being able to paint to the cage a fauves [literally ‘wild animal cage’] at the 1905 Salon d’Automne. In my ownPenetrating Pro’s: WWF Wrestling and the Death of the OralI speculate “‘Two men enter-one man leaves’ is thus the acme of humanic striving, for, doomed as they are to never escape the binary, humanics may nevertheless employ this model of planned obsolescence encoding a continuously collapsing trinome system to achieve a steady state just short of proof, ie: blissful denial.”
Further to documents previously issued regarding presence/absence of linguistic bifurcation of immanent structures, as in kabbalistic models, I propose the following CONTAINED event:

org one of the shaded ca
(attention to the weakness of the vehicle)

Collapsing popular/populist/popist/paulist/pollist/appolonian matrices into a negational epiphany of mediated inscription; Plato’s cave as alleatory transcription from the mesostic dictaphone. John Cage studying chess with Marcel Duchamp, 1966-68. Chance match composition from board, Montreal 1967. Cross words.

Burroughs and Duchamp crossed swords only once, in Paris in the early 60’s:

Burroughs: Pardon me M. Duchamp, you are urinating on my hat.
Duchamp: Are you really?

Griffith Griffith and William Burroughs shot their wives in the eye and got away with it. Bifocal reflectometry is implied with opposite domains merging to form 3-D simulacral. False depth from a compound eye. Burroughs attempts to disintegrate space/time through word magic. MagicWord word search puzzle patented = August 1966 = Duchamp playing chess with nude in Pasadena.
My Opticaposing as a sodomite. Inverted oedipal gesture minting Schaeffer’s equine blinding onto a chess knight. A new model is indicated.

Stemming christie across a mogul field of panopticonic sections, a venn diagram of intersecting probabilities is generated in place of more dialectical models. Recombinant strands of atomised memes, never allowed to coalesce into genitally-phenomenologically present/absent events.

Overarcing structural bead drawn by study/contest recomposes retinal triangulation through strict adherence to the grid and its nominal ‘rules’. In this way sight is restored, and we may see the shadow for what it is: infinitely flat, infinitely deep.

Buck Burns is an Independent Scholar of Temporary Issues, a researcher and curator of theory-based art, and director of the award winning video My Optica .His collection of writings, Buck Burns’Cocktail Recipes and Bar Guide is forthcoming from iNFINITE jEST pRESS.

San Diego office: (619) 260-0683

DH has participated in a constultancy/contractor capacity on a number of Burns' projects dating to 1992 and continuing sporadically to the present day - assuming Burns is still among the living. Burns hasn't been heard from by members of his former circle since 2006, and is assumed to be in hiding.