The New Now Sounds of Today!

The New Now Sounds of Today! Songpoems By Twenty-One Contemporary Artists

CD compilation of songpoems written by contemporary visual artists, co-curated by Doug Harvey and Gary Kornblau, and published by Art issues. Press. Twenty-one contemporary artists - most of them LA-based - composed the lyrics, specifying the musical genre and vocal style in which they wanted to hear them performed. A professional songwriting company then wrote the songs, thereby allowing contemporary visual artists to participate in the consensual ersatz glamour of songpoem stardom.

By giving up creative control in order to become a star, the song-poet enters into a collusion with the musician/producer to construct an alternate, democratic version of celebrity culture. In the hands of contemporary artists (parallel universe celebrities in their own right) what could possibly go wrong?

Highlights include John Baldessari's new-age "Learn to Draw" and Mike Kelley's pop-folk tune "Anal Sadistic". Other lyrics were provided by Alexis Smith, Jim Shaw, Rev. & Mrs. Ethan Acres, Stephen Prina, Pae White, Rubén Ortiz Torres, Martin Kersels, Tamara Fites, Sharon Ellis, Judy Fiskin, Steven Hull, Doug Harvey, Jeffrey Vallance, The Museum of Jurassic Technology, Joe Scanlan, Dave Muller, Eleanor Antin, Gary Simmons, and Robert Heinecken.

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