LA Weekly Writings

Sesame Osama (Osama bin Laden and Bert the Muppet) Oct 2001

The Yes Men Are Coming! The Yes Men Are Coming! Sept 2004

It’s Alive! The Undiscovered Country at UCLA Hammer Museum 2004

Reverb and Renown (Guston and DeChirico at SMMOA) October 2006

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Unfinished Symphony (Steve Roden) Sept 2010

A Play on Worlds (Tim Hawkinson) Jun 2010

True Lies II (The Yes Men) Oct 2009

Apocalypse Now and Then (Pompeii and Canaday) May 2009

Throbbing Gristle's 33rd Annual Report April 2009

Peripheral Visions: Nine of L.A.’s Square Pegs Get Hammered April 2009

Last Round: "At the Brewery Project: The Finale" Jan 2009


Martin Kersels: Big Frame Nov 2008

Free Skating: Amanda Ross-Ho's Fourth-Dimensional Axel Jump Sept 2008

Juxtapalooza: The Lowbrow sickness continues to spread Sept 2008

On the Bus to the Dump: Wading in the Waste Stream With the Center for Land Use Interpretation Aug 2008


Pink Elephants on Parade (Tim Hawkinson studio visit) February 2007

Attention Squared (Vija Celmins at the Hammer) February 2007


Seven Abstract Painting Shows December 2006

Kid Stuff (Pranks 2 and other art books reviewed) December 2006

This is Not an Art Review (Magritte at LACMA) November 2006

StreetSignism November 2006

A Child’s Garden of Modernism (Kindergarten at Art Center) October 2006

Reverb and Renown (Guston and DeChirico at SMMOA) October 2006

Panter’s Playhouse (Gary Panter at Billy Shire Fine Art) September 2006

Site/Sound (CLUI’s Overlook and noise compilations) August 2006

Terminal Papers (Eva Hesse; Richard Pousette-Dart) August 2006

To Live and Die (But Not Show) in LA (Jason Rhoades, 1965–2006) August 2006

Hurd So Good (Steve Hurd at rosamund Felsen) August 2006

Prodigy Schmodigy (Six-year-old painter Marla Olmstead) July 2006

The Dalai Museum (Dalai Lama themed art at UCLA Fowler) June 2006

Field Hockney (Hockney Portraits at LACMA) June 2006

Graphic Oddballs (review of Art Out of Time) May 2006

#1 Combo (Ruscenberg’s Combines; Elliot Hundley, Brenna Youngblood) May 2006

Dutch Auction (Von Dutch auction at The Peterson Automotive Museum) May 2006

Anonyme (Société Anonyme at the Hammer) May 2006

A Tull Life (Dani Tull studio visit) April 2006

Real Fakes (Richard Pettibone and F. Scott Hess at Laguna Art Museum)

I Art the 80’s (5 Stories high at Track 16; Roger Herman at INMO) Mar 2006

Jamie Land (Cameron Jamie at the Whitney Biennial) Mar 2006

Out Standing in His Field (Courbet’s landscapes at the Getty) Mar 2006

Glossolalia for Dummies (Painting in Tongues at MOCA) Feb 2006

Natural History a Gogo (Sonic Sceneryat LA Natural History Museum) Feb 2006

Snapped Shots (Outsider Photography at UC Riverside) Feb 2006

Corrected Legacies (Getty Villa VS Reagan Museum) Feb 2006

Ecstasy of Influence (Gary Panter & Jonathan Lethem in conversation) Jan 2006


First Impressions (Cezanne & Pissaro at LACMA) Dec 2005

Comic Genius (Masters of American Comics at MOCA/Hammer) Dec 2005

10 Comics that Shook the World (Alternate masters of comic art) Nov 2005

Shawmix (Jim Shaw’s fake comic covers) Nov 2005

Little Nemo to Jimbo (Masters of American Comics preview) Nov 2005

High Art (Ecstasy at MOCA) Nov 2005

State of the Art (special art issue includes editorial contributions, approx 45 short blurbs on LA art figures plus the following four feature articles) Oct 2005

Connie Butler (leaving MOCA) Oct 2005

Pictures from the Unibrow Revolution (Lowbrow Art goes mainstream) Oct 2005

The Great Unknown (Lee Mullican at LACMA) Oct 2005

State of Emergence (“catalog essay” for LA Weekly Biennieal) Oct 2005

Seven Degrees of Wally Berman (Semina Culture at SMMOA) Sept 2005

POST-Mortem, Popping Corn (POST closing; Not a Cornfield) Sept 2005

Orange Alert (Villa America at OCMA; While Pollock Was Sleeping at LAM) Aug 2005

Spirits Rock Among Us (Studio visit with Marnie Weber) Aug 2005

A Fowler Trifecta (Yangtze Remembered, UCLA Collects, Painting Ethiopia) July 2005

Basquiat Case (Basquiat at MOCA) July 2005

Hurricane of the Eye (Tim Hawkinson at LACMA) Cover feature. July 2005

Witches of Abstraction (3X Abstraction at SMOMA) July 2005

Beatnik Renaissance Man (Brion Gysin book review) June 2005

Premature Exhibitionism (Very Early Pictures at CSLA Luckman) June 2005

Feral Child (Process publishing house profile) June 2005

Terminal Viscosity (CLUI bus tour of Terminal Island) May 2005

Helter Shelter (Olafur Eliasson and Temporary Services) May 2005

Poster-Modernism (Rauschenberg and German/Austrian Posters at LACMA) May 2005

Herms the Messenger (George herms at SMMOA and Tobey Moss) Apr 2005

Empire of the Senses (David at the Getty) Mar 2005

Byrne,Baby Byrne (I ♥ PowerPoint at UCLA Hammer) Mar 2005

Triumph of the Ill (Beautiful Losers at OCMA) Mar 2005

The Colors! The Colors! (Visual Music at MOCA) Feb 2005

Good Thing (Thing at UCLA Hammer) Feb 2005

The End of Donald Kuspit? (California New Old Masters at C) Jan 2005

Nightvision (Jim Shaw at Patrick Painter) Jan 2005

Frankenkultur (Rose Parade; Lost but Found at Norton Simon) Jan 2005


Materialistic Fetishism Reconsidered (Last-Minute Gift Guide) Dec 2004

The Painting Cure (Mark Dutcher at Solway-Jones;
Jean Lowe at Felsen

Let’s Get Small (Laurie Anderson at UCLA; Ed Ruscha at MOCA) Nov 2004

Two Bobs in Search of a Landscape (Smithson at MOCA; Flick at LACMA) Nov 2004

It’s Alive (The Undiscovered Country at Hammer) Oct 2004

Genius With a Hard-On (Russ Meyer obit) Oct 2004

Moving Pictures (Pat O’Neill at SMMOA) Sept 2004

The Joy of Painting Saddam (John Kilduff & Let’s Paint TV) Sept 2004

Möbius Trip (Rodney Graham at MOCA) Aug 2004

Plastic Fantastic Cadavers (Dr. Gunther von Hagens Body Worlds) July 2004

Echoes of the Fall (September 11: Bearing Witness to History at JANM) July 2004

Hecho Wherever (Made in Mexico at UCLA Hammer) June 2004

But Is It Art? (Abu Ghraib, WB Superstar, Black Panthers) June 2004

Fire and Water (Karen Carson at RFG & Jennifer Pastor at Regen) May 2004

Stranded (Steve Roden studio visit) May 2004

Next to Nothing (A Minimal Future? at MOCA) Apr 2004

All Talking! All Drawing (Chris Ware & Ira Glass at UCLALive) Apr 2004

Lie of the Land (Favorite Art Hoaxes) Apr 2004

The Sound of One Hand Painting (Ed Ruscha catalog raisonnè) Apr 2004

Tainted Shamans (Oonark prints, Beuys play, aboriginal paintings) Mar 2004

Getting Out of Town (Terry Allen at LA Louver, SMMOA) Mar 2004

Making Believe for Real (Diane Arbus at LACMA) Mar 2004

Color Theory (FADE: African American Artists in Los Angeles) Feb 2004

Light and Shadowing (Arnold Mescges at the Skirball) Jan 2004

Feral Pop (Mexican Street Graphics at the Armory) Jan 2004


Five Really Really Really Bad Sci-Fi Movies Dec 2003

Ranking the Museums Dec 2003

Don’t Look Back (Mike Kelley’s Proposal) Dec 2003

Voluntary Complexity (Coleman, the Claytons, and Pittman) Nov 2003

Revolutions Per Minute (Turnament turntable festival) Nov 2003

Stuff (Lynn Aldrich, Dennis Hollingsworth and the puppets of Anaphoria) Nov 2003

The Gehry Effect (Disney Hall) Oct 2003

Back From the Void (Lee Bontecou at UCLA Hammer) Oct, 2003

Say It With Flowers (Kim MacConnel at Rosamund Felsen) Sept 2003

Pushkin Comes to Shove (French Masterworks from Pushkin Museum) Aug 2003

Massage is the Medium (Suwan Lamainee at MAK Schindler Residency Program) Aug 2003

Apocalypse Maintenant (Le Dernier Cri, Elliot Hundley) Aug 2003

Weird Scenes Inside the Darkroom (Weston, Winogrand, Arbus, Eggleston) July 2003

Sounds Different (Outsider Music) June 2003

Godawfulism II (Feitelson, Owens, McLane, Day) June 2003

Mixism (Christian Marclay at UCLA Hammer) May 2003

Willful Perversity (Matthew Barney) May 2003

Hordes of Babylon (Genghis Khan at LACMA & the Iraqui Minister of Information) May 2003

Distress Signals (Mark Ryden & Jonathon Rosen) April 2003

Art Therapy (Loyola AT Program and Friedl Dicker-Brandeis at MOT) April 2003

Scribbles, Scriptures, & the Mid-Wilshire Explosion (6150 Galleries) March 2003

Urban Dervish: LA Bamba (Sufi Arts of Senegal at UCLA Fowler) February 2003

Extremeties (Bill Viola at The Getty) Cover feature; January 2003

Monsters of German Art (Galka Scheyer and the Blue Four) January 2003

Cracked Abstraction (The geometrical designs of Alfred Jensen, the “O-ist” discoveries of Jim Shaw) Feb 2003

My Affair With Romance Comics (Romance comic books of the 40s-70s) Jan 2003


Doug Harvey’s Favorite Non-Human Artworks

Farrah’s Naked Art Special, Version 2.0

Outside in LA (Developmentally disabled artists of the ECF Art Center) Dec 2002

Pranksters, Deviants, and SoCal Satanists (Disinfomation: The Interviews book review) Nov 2002

Baldesaurus Rex (John Baldessari at Margo Leavin) Nov 2002

Juxtapoz & Juxtapozeurs (Juxtapoz 8th Anniversary Show at Track 16) Nov 2002

On Beyond Representation (Jill Giegrich at The Armory) Oct 2002

Sam & Dave (Sam Durant at MOCA; Dave Muller at UCLA Hammer) Oct 2002

Rusty Pistols (Foundry Theater’s Lipstick Traces theater review) Oct 2002

Dutch Metal (Von Dutch at Cal State Northridge) Sept 2002

The Endless Summer Show (Surf Culture at Laguna Art Museum) Aug 2002

James Doolin, 1932 –2002 (Obit) Aug 2002

Slow Dazzle (Milton Avery at UCLA Hammer) Aug 2002

Merging Artists (On-Ramps at Pasadena Museum of California Art) July 2002

Sound and Beyond (SOUND at Schindler House; Beyond Music Festival) July 2002

Vaffanculo! (A-Fucka-You-a) (Arte Povera at MOCA) July 2002

Nun Dare Call It Criticism (Sister Wendy at the Norton Simon) June 2002

Chaos Theory (Charles Darwin Live & In Concert; Steve Roden at Santa Barbara CAM) June 2002

Warhol-By-Numbers (long blurbs on 5 Warhol pieces) May 2002

The Tao of Andy (Andy Warhol Retrospective at MOCA) May 2002

Digging the Dirt (Mike Kelley at Patrick Painter) May 2002

Outsider Physics (James Carter’s outsider physics at SMMOA) May 2002

Styroforms (Martin Durazo at Otis; Kelly McLane at Angles) April 2002

The Political Canvas (Daniel Martinez; Charles Phoenix; CLUI) April 2002

Seeing Things (Crackpot research ephemera at Chapman) March 2002

A Serious Racket (All Tomorrow’s Parties at UCLA) March 2002

Old White Guys Rule (Tom Wudl; Chas Garabedian; Tom Knechtel; Peter Voulkos) March 2002

Cavepainting (Cavepainting at SMMOA) Feb 2002

The Noise of Art (LA Sound Art overview) Feb 2002

Great Walls (LA’s Chinatown scene) Jan 2002

I See Lowbrow People (SHAG at La Luz; Mark Ryden at GCAC) Jan 2002


12 Art Moments (2001 Top 12) Dec 2001

A Mutated Christmas

Formal Wear & Tear (Liz Larner at MOCA; E Chen at UCLA Hammer) Dec 2001

Firesigns of Life (Firesign Theater on XMradio) Dec 2001

Shadow People (Devices of Wonder at The Getty; Patty Wickman; Noble & Webster) Nov 2001

Synthetics (Big Plastic at The Armory; Sean Duffy; Terri Friedman) Nov 2001

Ubiquitous Citrus Firmament (Lemon Sky and LA living-room galleries) Oct 2001

A Few of Our Favorite Things (Library treasures at UCLA Hammer) Oct 2001

Broad Warriors (Broad Collection at LACMA) Oct 2001

Tis the Gift to Be Simple (Shaker Gift Drawings at UCLA Hammer) Sept 2001

Booster Shots (Stanton MacDonald-Wright at LACMA; LA as art center) Sept 2001

Jurassic Sequels (Aby Warburg at UCLA Fowler; The Velaslavasay Panorama) Aug 2001

Pop Goes the Easel
Wilderness Tips (Karen Carson; Mark Housley; Rogue Wave at LA Louver) July 2001

Get Pretty (Interview with Dave Hickey on SITE Santa Fe Biennial) July 2001

Homer and Ray (Winslow Homer at LACMA; Raymond Pettibon books at SMMOA) June 2001

Multiple Exposures (Snapshot at UCLA Hammer) June 2001

Slice & Dice Aesthetics (Mike Diana’s comix; John Oswald’s Plunderphonics) May 2001

P.O.’d (Public Offerings at MOCA) May 2001

Dismembering Harry Smith (Harry Smith symposium at The Getty) May 2001

Ed “Big Daddy” Roth 1932-2001 (Obit) April 2001

Popped (Pop Art symposium at The Getty) April 2001

Scopophilial Pleasures (Hickey & Rauschenberg; Leni Riefenstahl; James Hayward) March 2001

Inside/Outside (R.M. Schindler at MOCA) March 2001

Death Stalking Sleep-Walking Barbarian Ninja Terminators (Painted movie posters from Ghana at UCLA Fowler; Ivan Morley at Patrick Painter)

About Time (Making Time video survey at UCLA Hammer) Feb 2001

Peripheral visions (Mowry Baden; Keith Sklar: Joyce Lightbody; Stephen Hendee; Ken Price) Jan 2001

Art & Commerce (MOCA Brand Awareness campaign; Stephen Hendee at SMMOA; USPS
Celebrate The Century stamps) Jan 2001


Ten Shows that Rocked My World (2000 Top Ten) Dec 2000


Scavenger Hunt

The McCarthy Era


The Bruce Conner Story

If Not Now, Wha?

Double Helix

Trippy Guru and Tipper Too


Gender, Race


Crazy Summer

Print Ed

Redux: Mapplethorpe’s

Remix: Utopian Vision VS
American Dream

Blacklisted by Metallica

Pranks & Beans

It’s Chinatown

Freudian Slippers


Tactical Embarrassment



Barney’s Sticky Adventure
Beyond Death

Kids’ Stuff

Sue Spaid: Used & Amused

The Good Stuff

Blue Chips


Holiday trimmings (review of Vallance, Roden, Ott, Calabrese, etc.) Dec 1999

Closures, Openings (review of Newkirk, Cook, Konitz, Smith) Nov 1999

The Big Nowhere (review of CLUI’s Nellis Range Tour) Nov 1999

Buddha! Buddha! Buddha! (review of Laurie Anderson, Tibetan Mandalas and Under 500) Oct 1999

Masters of Deceit (review of Oscar Wilde & J. Edgare Hoover) Oct 1999

Flower Power Games (profile of The Germinators) Sept 1999

Absolut Hot and Absolut Not (review of L.A. International) Aug 1999

X-Small (review of At the Threshold of the Visible) Aug 1999

Agitprop Masters (review of Stenberg Brothers) June 1999

Recline & Sprawl (review of FORMING: The Early Days of Punk) May 1999

Art for God’s Sake (profile of Post Millenial Fizzy) May 1999

Black Velvet Goldmine: The Artistic Legacy of Edgar Leeteg Mar 1999

The Art of the Blockbuster: Van Gogh’s Van Goghs Feb 1999


The Charles Ray Experience: An interview with Charles Ray Dec 1998

Pos & Neg: The superficial glint of Sunshine & Noir Nov 1998

Picasso @ LACMA Oct 1998

Harbor Story (Sekula & Flick @ Getty) Aug 1998

It's a Big (Business) World (Disney Architecture @ Armand Hammer) May 1998

Out of Actions at MOCA Mar 1998

Mike Kelly at Patrick Painter Jan 1998


No Direction: Bill Viola’s Art of Awareness Nov. 20 1997