Maya Lujan THE FOUR, THE THREE, THE TWO AND THE ONE (squaring the circle) 2010

"Mannlicher CarcanoPlex Mach 01"

Mannlicher Carcano is a collaborative improvisational audiovisual collage group who have been performing since 1984, and have appeared weekly on live radio since 1998 with The Mannlicher Carcano Radio Hour.

Under the curatorial hand of Doug Harvey, the band’s collage-based aesthetic principle will be expanded to 3 Dimensions with the one-night-only"Mannlicher CarcanoPlex Mach 01", including sound, performance, didactic elements, food and drink, sexy projections, and all manner of art objects at PØST (1904 East 7th Place Los Angeles, CA 90021) on Friday July 9th, 2010 from 7 – 9 PM .

Improvised audiovisual collage, a rediscovered pre-Firesign Theatre absurdist detective film, a one-man rock & roll band, Anne Frank karaoke, gray-water cocktail-making, an enormous naked man, and so much more!

Participating artists include Mannlicher Carcano, China Adams, Suzanne Adelman, Michael Arata, Josh Aster & Kristin Calabrese, George Budd, Ryan Callis, Caroline Clerc, Christian Cummings, Adrian de la Pena, Walpa d’Mark, Georganne Deen, Joe Deutch, Mark X. Farina, Gerry Fialka, Eamon Fox, Jill Giegerich & Mischa Mandel-Giegerich, Phyllis Green, Daniel Hawkins, Homegrown Evolution, The Keith Walsh Experience, Maya Lujan, Tina Marrin, Dr, Carl Nordstrom, M.D., Mary Anna Pomonis, Hector Romero, Michael Q. Schmidt. Lily Simonson, Brad Spence, Laurie Steelink, Jim Sullivan, Young Summers, Don Suggs, Greta Svalberg, Lee Tyler Thompson, Esther Pearl Watson, Aaron Wrinkle and many more...

Mannlicher CarcanoPlex Mach I Photo Gallery

Mannlicher CarcanoPlex Mach I checklist etc

MCPlex Mach 01 Photo Gallery 2 - Michael Gomez-Burton

Eamonn Fox s PARTY BALL!