The Cryogenic Angel - Chapter 4, Reified Beans, Verse 1

The Cryogenic Angel: A Collage Novel in 16 Chapters

The collages exhibited under the title The Cryogenic Angel will eventually comprise an experimental non-linear novel of sixty-four 50 X 38 inch pages grouped into chapters of four. The first chapter “History Lessens" was exhibited at Beacon Arts Building as part of The LOOP Show, and the fifth, miniature chapter “ A Wandering Menstrual Eye,” as part of The Small LOOP Show at FOCA (both curated by China Adams). The second and third chapters, "Eradication Age" and "Lorem ipsum Über Alles" debuted at Jancar Gallery as part of my June 2012 solo exhibit “Never Paint Again." The entire novel to date was exhibited at The Prospectus at PDC as part of the group show “Paper” in January/February 2013.

Each chapter consists of a quartet of incursion events, one from each of the four directions/sides of the rectangular picture plane, and is intended to be read on multiple levels, from the formalist gesture of the minimal singular eruptive balloon shape to the minutest and most obscure textual references and visual puns and indecipherable autobiographical allusions. Needless to say there is no correct reading possible, however the ‘plot’ has something to do with the further adventures of the mysterious Edenic entity “Pinchme” after Adam and Eve got drownded. This is all I’m allowed to tell you.

The Cryogenic Angel Gallery