Lee Lynch and Lily Simonson as Tin Man & Anne Frank

James Chertkow
International Incident 2010
Oil on canvas, 3' X 2' 4"

Brad Spence
it 2010
acrylic on paper, 5" x 3"

Daniel Hawkins
Desert Lighthouse Project 2010

April Schwassa
Jar of Dill Pickles (Prisoners' Last Meals Series) 2010

Laurie Steelink
Totem 2009
Acrylic on paper
76 1/4 x 62 1/2 inches

Jill Giegerich & Mischa Mandel-Giegerich
The Happy Little Mer-Thing 2007
a puppet opera by Jill Giegerich, with music by Mischa Mandel-Giegerich
running time 9 minutes.
A dark comedy in which a young naive girl discovers the horrors of the Mer-Thing life style.

Eamonn Fox
Party Ball Performance Structure:

A participant drinks a beer.
The participant removes an article of clothing or accessory(necklace, bluetooth device,etc..).
Participant punches a hole in the side of the PartyBall.
Participant repairs/patches the hole with article of removed clothing.
Performance lasts for an indeterminate amount of time.

Participants are:
Colin Dunphy
Patrick Dunphy
Eamonn Fox
Aaron Geisel
Kelly Nye

*The PartyBall performance,like most of my output, is designed to operate as a meditation on a range of issues.
Not intended as a formal transmission of specific information or a bottom line 'meaning', the performance is more of a piling up of smaller gestures. Individual gestures are thought of in democratic terms- artful conceptual gestures do not carry more weight than than goofy dumb ones.What is important is an attitude favoring exploration through doing-a healthy appetite interested as much in the dark and humorous as in the 'big' questions.

Lee Tyler Thompson
Untitled 2010
inkjet print

Bridget Marrin
Rock Wall 2010

Mark X. Farina
HAL windows95
MXF reverse engineers an obsolete G3 into a magik pact with cybersatan...."

Gerry Fialka
Eye Am Not a Robot 2009 15 minutes

Suzanne Adelman & Keith Walsh Gran Turismo White Hole Sceptre Cosmos (2010)

China Adams
One Night Only Poet 2010
10 original Adams' poems (50 times each)
Elephant paper weight
Dimensions: Various
Courtesy of the Artist and Steve Turner Gallery

Suzanne Adelman & Keith Walsh
Gran Turismo White Hole Sceptre Cosmos
Ultrachrome archival print, 8.5” x 88” (2010)

Young Summers
Breaking News 2010
Newspapers and acrylic on canvas 16"x16"x80"

My piece is a stack of four cubes loosely made of 16 canvases. Each canvas is a collage art consisting of different news clips from LA Times. The title "Breaking News" denotes the temporal and unsustainable nature of current events, however important, as these unstable collapsible cubes. If the piece breaks down during the show, it will be just as well...

Adrian de la Pena
3 effaces: mk ultra2010
paper and vinyl
each 20 x 27

Maya Lujan
THE FOUR, THE THREE, THE TWO AND THE ONE (squaring the circle) 2010
Rotating motor and foot petal, wood, velvet, various paint, various materials
and disassembled car sunlight reflector panels.

Lily Simonson
Becoming Anne 2008/2010
Performance/Mixed Media Installation

The gesture of karaoke dramatizes our culture's urge to identify with virgin martyr Anne Frank -- a modern emblem of suffering and mortality, as well as adolescence and sexual potential. The song "Venus in Furs" speaks to the sado-masochistic implications of our preoccupation with Anne's intimate chronicle of erotic awakening and the historical narrative of six million deaths collapsed into a single beaming black-and-white face.