DougH Audio Sampler (2007)

DougH Audio Sampler

Compiled as an audio component for the Untidy exhibit, distributed in very limited CDR edition

All tracks by Doug Harvey except where noted.

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1 Cold Black Coffee (1993)
Allegedly aired on KXLU’s Demolisten and described thereon as “the worst song ever recorded.”

2 Spitting Out Our Medication Created in 1998 for the exhibition and CD catalog “Of Sound Mind” at San Francisco’s Refusalon gallery.

3 Rasputin (1995)An instrumental cover version of the classic Boney M dance track about the Russian mystic “Rah rah Rasputin Russia’s greatest love machine – there was a cat that really was gone!” Eventually to be graced with a vocal track by Bridget Marrin.

4 Elegy for John Cage IV From an 8 section suite realized during a 1993 audio artist residency (AAIR) at Video Pool in Winnipeg. It didn’t really have a lot to do with Cage, but he died just before submissions were due, so I figured “Hey, this’ll fool em.” And it did.

5 Give Gramma the Gun (1992) A blatant appeal to the marketplace, rightfully spurned for its fawning adoption of commercial conventions.

6 Music for Airedales Ambient music for pets was a novel idea in 1988, when this piece was constructed on an Amiga computer using a single sample of English dog training guru Barbara Woodhouse.

7 Tammy Serna - Photo Captions From Old National Geographic Magazines Arranged So Their Initials Spell Out the Third Thunderclap from Finnegan’s Wake sung in the style of Linda Ronstadt doing Gilbert & Sullivan for The New Now Sounds of Today! CD artists’ songpoems (lyrics set to music and recorded by Magic Key Inc.) Art issues Press, August 2000. Lyrics by D. Harvey.

8 Jonestown (white night/white noise mix) Sound component to the painting white night/white noise consisting of electronically processed recordings of Rev Jim Jones, created for the 2000 exhibit ‘Soundtracks’ in Peterborough ON

9 Charles Ray Experience - bone's nausea edit (1993)
The CRAY consisted of Hector Romero, Colin Cook, and Doug Harvey, and was primarily a vehicle for Hector’s vision, though there were plenty of moments of transcendent group inebriation, such as this.

10 Tenacious Mucoid Exudate - People Give Me the Creeps Half noise/half pop art band coalesced for the summer 1989 artist residency at The Banff Center – the bass is strung with springs from a gooseneck lamp. Lyrics by D. Harvey.

11 CNT (1992)Four hours of Gregorian Chant digitally compressed into 4:33 of multi-monophonic glitch ecstatics for the on-the-go New Ager that needs to relax FAST!

12 Charles Ray Experience – Drown (1993) Lyrics by D. Harvey.

13 CTZN KN (1996) Soundtrack to a 3 minute Super-8 condensation of Citizen Kane, made by setting the camera on time lapse facing the TV and taping a mic to the tripod leg, then speeding up and layering the resultant recording.

14 Wives & Lovers (Bacharach/David) (1992)
Way before Elvis Costello made Bacharach hip again. Unless you count Live Stiffs . This is the 2008 Really Happening remix.

15 Elegy for John Cage III Plus there were only three submissions for three slots.

16 Charles Ray Experience - Caesar Salad Lyrics by H. Romero/D. Harvey.

17 Romantic Landscape #11 In the early 90's, between periods of high Mannlicher Carcano activity, I created a series of sound environments called Romantic Landscapes using multiple turntables - up to 10 at a time, each playing lightly stuck grooves that would mutate over time. This is a typical soundtrack excerpt.

18 Elegy for John Cage VIII

19 After the Sadness Show (2008) Lyrics by D. Harvey.