Douglas' first photo - 1967

Doug Harvey

M.F.A. Magna Cum Laude, Painting. University of California, Los Angeles 1994
B.F.A. Honors, Painting, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada 1990

Selected Professional Experience
Art Critic LA Weekly 1997 – 2011
Contributing Editor Modern Painters Magazine 2004 – 2006;West Coast Editor Modern Painters Magazine2011
Contributing Editor and Columnist Art issues. Magazine 1996 - 2002
Keeper of the Permanent Collection Museum of Jurassic Technology, Los Angeles 1994-present (emeritus)
Instructor CalArts Department of Critical Studies (Pataphysics II: Patacritical Interrogation Techniques) Winter 2008
Instructor UCLA Department of Art Graduate Program (Individual studio critiques) Spring 2005, Spring 2006
Instructor West LA College Painting (Art 300, 301, 305, 306, 307) Spring & Fall 2009; Art History (TBD) Summer 2009
Visiting Lecturer or Panelist (1997 – present) UCLA, CalArts, USC, Art Center, Otis College of Art, Los Angeles Valley City College, Claremont Graduate Schools, UC Riverside, Cal State Long Beach, The Whitney Museum, The Getty Museum, UCLA Hammer Museum, Laguna Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center, University of Umea, Sweden, University of Houston, Colorado State University, Spokane Falls College, Eastern Washington University, School of the Art Institute, Chicago; Colorado State University, Fort Collins; Cranbrook Academy, Michigan; Trent University, Canada, ArtLA Art Fair
Instructor Idyllwild Arts Academy (Summer high school painting program) Summer 1995

Selected Solo Exhibitions
Unstustainable Jancar Gallery, October 2010
Untidy: The Worlds of Doug HarveyLos Angeles Valley City College, October 2008
Great ExpectorationsHigh Energy Constructs, January 2007
Glass Beets and Blind PotatoesSPACE Gallery, September 2003
Skipping FormalitiesPOST, February 1999
St. Sebastian Tom Sawyer Cathy Mishima Expo 67POST, October 1997
St. Sebastian Frothy Elvis Carmen Miranda Moby DickDADA 96, 1996

Selected Group Exhibitions
“lovable like bastard children and orphaned kitties”The Green Gallery, Milwaukee WI, May 2009
Discovered/UndiscoveredCal State Long Beach University Art Museum Auction, March 2009
Intuitive Eye: The Diana Zlotnick CollectionLA Valley College, Feb 2009
Out of SchoolThe City of Brea Gallery, Brea CA, Feb 2009
Circus Gallery Burning Man/It’s a Celebration %?(#&$!Black Rock Desert/Circus Gallery, Sept 2008
The Black Dragon SocietyThe Black Dragon Society, LA, July 2008
Beautiful/Decay at PulsePulse Art Fair, New York, March 2008
Criteria: Schalter Berlin, Berlin, July 2007
Harry Smith Anthology RemixedAlt.Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne UK, May 2007
Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow UK, July 2008
Other World ADM projects, April 2007
A Warning Shouldn't Be PleasantGallery at West LA College, March 2007
Sound Art in a LimoPier 94, Armory Art Fair, February 2007
Darkness and Light Armory Northwest, January 2007
Space JuiceInmo, November 2006
Many Happy ReturnsHigh Energy Constructs, October 2006
2006 Rose Bowl Flea Market BiennaleRose Bowl Flea Market, October 2006
You Twocompact/space, April 2006
Boat ShowHigh Energy Constructs, April 2006
Very Early PicturesArcadia University Art Gallery, Philadelphia, Sept 2005
Let the Bullshit Run a MarathonNicole Klagsbrun Gallery, New York, April 2004
Peter Plagens Syndrome: Artists Who Do it All18th Street Arts Complex Gallery March 2004
ThreeWest LA College Gallery March 2004
Drawing Conclusions IINYArts Gallery, New York, January 2004
SpecificityRiva Gallery, New York, June 2003
First RunPatricia Correia Gallery, Los Angeles, June 2002
Irrational PropositionsPOST LA, March 2002
The Multiple RoadPatricia Correia Gallery, Los Angeles, January 2002
Hypotheosis(2 person) Wayward Gallery, Los Angeles, Oct. 2001
The Magic HourNeue Galerie im Kunstlerhaus, Graz, Austria Sept 2001
Travel Smart & Filing CabinetDIRT Gallery, August 2001
The White AlbumShoshona Wayne, Los Angeles, December 2000
Bad Sonnets : Grand MetaphorsThe Brewery Project, Mar 1999
Of Sound MindRefuSalon, San Francisco, December 1998
Beauty is the BeastNevada Institute for Contemporary Art, Las Vegas NV June 1996
(ear as eye) Drawings by Sound ArtistsLACE, Los Angeles CA Mar 1997
Beauty, Eh?Contemporary Arts Collective, Las Vegas NV. April 1996
TakeoffsGuggenheim Gallery, Chapman University, Orange CA. Oct 1995
Liberace!(cur: Jeffrey Vallance) The Liberace Museum. Las Vegas NV. April 1995

Selected Curatorial
ARATALAND! A Mid-career Survey of Artworks by Michael Arata, Beacon Arts Building, Inglewood CA March - May 2011
Aspects of Mel’s Hole: Artists Respond to a Paranormal Land Event Ocurring in Radiospace(group exhibit with catalog) Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana, CA Sept 2008
Some Paintings: The Third Annual (2007) LA Weekly BiennialTrack 16 Gallery Jan 2008
Rick Griffin: Heart and Torch(co-curated with Greg Escalante) Laguna Art Museum, June 2007
Thrift Store Movies 3Hammer Museum, May 2007
Don Suggs: One Man Group Show(co-curated with Meg Linton) Maltz Gallery at Otis, April 2007
Less Art: A Video Zine(cable access program) Time Warner Public Access Channel (and various public screenings) Spring 2007
Weinergeist I: The Cinema of the Hot Dog(with CCCP-SCC) Echo Park Film Center Nov 2006
Chain Letter(co-curated with Christian Cummings) High Energy Constructs LA August 2006,
Thrift Store Movies 2(with Charles Phoenix, Craig Baldwin & others) UCLA Hammer, May 2006
Less Art #3CDr Audio Zine (sound art & music) March 2006
Mormon Media Night(with CCCP-SCC) Echo Park Film Center Dec 2005
The First Annual LA Weekly Biennial: State of Emergence: Undiscovered Cracks in the Art World InfrastructureTrack 16 Gallery, Oct 2005
Thrift Store Movies(with Jim Shaw & Allen Ruppersberg) UCLA Hammer, May 2005
Forest Lawntologies(group show) UCLA Warner Studios, May 2005
Lost in the Grooves: The Movie(with Kim Cooper) Echo Park Film Center, Dec 2004
The Encounter(Kelly Coyne) SPACE Gallery, Oct 2004
Thrift Store Movies (the Original)(with CCCP-SCC & Jim Shaw) E.P.F.C., July 2004
Bardo Goulash(John Higham) SPACE Gallery, July 2003
Americana the Beautiful(with CCCP-SCC & Charles Phoenix) E.P.F.C., July 4 2003
Pahrump 3000(James Cherktow) SPACE Gallery, April 2003
Reified Beans(with CCCP-SCC) E.P.F.C., Winter 2002
What is it That Makes LA Art So Different?(Tina Marin) Raid Projects, Oct 2002
Boxer Shorts and Rockets & Love(with CCCP-SCC) E.P.F.C., Summer 2002
Reed McMillen(Raffle Show) INMO Sept 2001
The World is Bound with Secret Knots(exhibition text) Museum of Jurassic Technology, July 2001 - present
Between Representationgroup show INMO June 2001
The New Now Sounds of Today! Songpoems By Twenty-One Contemporary Artists(Audio CD) Art issues Press, August 2000
Low Technologygroup show INMO Gallery June 2000
The New Romancegroup show POST L.A. Feb 1999
Sister ActKristina and Bridget Marrin POST L.A. Feb 1999

Selected Art Criticism
Over 300 biweekly columns 1997 - 2011 including:
Divided We Stand: Art of Two GermanysFeb 2009
On the Seamy Side: Larry PearsallFeb 2009
Last Round: "At the Brewery Project: The Finale"Jan 2009
Mixed Media 2008 (Highlights) December 2008
Duking It Out at Patrick Painter With Jim and Peter and Glenn Dec 2008
Martin Kersels: Big Frame Nov 2008
Martin Kippenberger's Problem Perspective: Enter the K-Hole Oct 2008
Free Skating: Amanda Ross-Ho's Fourth-Dimensional Axel Jump Sept 2008
Juxtapalooza: The Lowbrow sickness continues to spreadSept 2008
Wading in the Waste Stream With the Center for Land Use InterpretationAug 2008
Pink Elephants on Parade(Tim Hawkinson studio visit) February 2007
Attention Squared(Vija Celmins at the Hammer) February 2007
Seven Abstract Painting Shows December 2006
Kid Stuff (Pranks 2 and other art books reviewed) December 2006
This is Not an Art Review (Magritte at LACMA) November 2006
StreetSignism (Street Signs and Solar Ovens at C&FA Museum) November 2006
A Child’s Garden of Modernism (Kindergarten at Art Center) October 2006
Reverb and Renown (Guston and DeChirico at SMMOA) October 2006
Panter’s Playhouse (Gary Panter at Billy Shire Fine Art) September 2006
Site/Sound (CLUI’s Overlook and noise compilations) August 2006
Terminal Papers (Eva Hesse; Richard Pousette-Dart) August 2006
To Live and Die (But Not Show) in LA (Jason Rhoades, 1965–2006) August 2006
Hurd So Good(Steve Hurd at Rosamund Felsen) August 2006
Prodigy Schmodigy(Six-year-old painter Marla Olmstead) July 2006
The Dalai Museum(Dalai Lama themed art at UCLA Fowler) June 2006
Field Hockney(Hockney Portraits at LACMA) June 2006
#1 Combo(Rauschenberg’s Combines; Elliot Hundley, Brenna Youngblood) May 2006
Dutch Auction(Von Dutch auction at The Peterson Automotive Museum) May 2006
Anonyme(Société Anonyme at the Hammer) May 2006
A Tull Life(Dani Tull studio visit) April 2006
Real Fakes(Richard Pettibone and F. Scott Hess at Laguna Art Museum) April 2006
Jamie Land(Cameron Jamie at the Whitney Biennial) Mar 2006
Out Standing in His Field(Courbet’s landscapes at the Getty) Mar 2006
Glossolalia for Dummies(Painting in Tongues at MOCA) Feb 2006
Natural History a Gogo(Sonic Scenery at LA Natural History Museum) Feb 2006
Corrected Legacies(Getty Villa VS Reagan Museum) Feb 2006
10 Comics that Shook the World(Alternate masters of comic art) Nov 2005
Most columns are archived online at www.laweekly.com

Art issues.
Excluding reviews:
Brand Illusion(Harley-Davidson) Nov/Dec 2001
Alias Garth Brooks: Good Ol’ Boy or Transgender Cyborg?Summer 2001
The Voice of God(Glossolalia & text-sound composition) Mar/Apr 2001
Help!(Artists’ self-help books) Jan/Feb 2001
Happiness is a Warm Rod (McKuen) Nov/Dec 2000
Glam Gnost (Gnostic Action Movies) Sept/Oct 2000
Beyond So Wrong They’re Right (The Lost-and-Found Art of Songpoems) Summer 2000
The Aesthetics of the Cigarette (Smoke for Smoke’s Sake) Mar/Apr 2000
POW! Et Al. (Jack Kirby’s 4th World) Jan/Feb 2000
Duped(the Zapruder film) Nov 1999
Thomas Kinkade: Painter of LightSept 1999
The Aesthetics of Paranoia: On the twentieth anniversary of JonestownNov 1998
The King is Dead; Long Live Tiny TimSept 1998
Zen and the Art of Make Believe: A Date with Mr.RogersMar 1998
Cravan Vs. Johnson: Art, Boxing & EntertainmentNov 1997
Cult Fiction: The Life and Times of L. Ron HubbardMar 1997

Other Periodicals
Over 100 other published pieces including:
Santa's Little Helper(Paul McCarthy) Modern Painters
Crazy Quilt(Ivan Morley) ArtReview Jan 2007
Sonic Geographies: Los Angeles(NHM and Jon Hassell) Musicworks Winter 2006
Lightening Up(Chris Burden) ArtReview Aug 2006
Building on a Hill(Chris Burden) The Stranger July 2006
A Season in Hell(Sandow Birk’s Inferno) Juxtapoz Feb 2006
Pachyderm Stalactites(Thai Elephant Orchestra & Luray Cave Stacpipe Organ) Musicworks Spring 2005
Yankee Crafts(Arts & Crafts Movement in America at LACMA) KUSC Listener’s Guide Feb 2005
Myth Breaker(Don Suggs profile) Modern Painters Summer 2004
Up Close(Indian Miniatures) KUSC Listener’s Guide July 2004
Steve HurdContemporary Winter 2003
Come Together(Christian Marclay) KUSC Listener’s Guide July 2003
Are We Photographs?Camerawork Fall/Winter 2001
Had World War II Been Waged on a Smaller CanvasNew York Times May 13 2001
Slapping the Tar Baby: An Interview with Mark Mothersbaugh of DEVOX-tra 2001
Who’s the Man? Shaft, John ShaftNew York Times Dec 31 2000
The Buck Burns HerePoolside Magazine Sept 1998
Tim Ebner at Rosamund FelsenArt in America Feb 1998
This World Was Never Meant for One as Beautiful as Me: Artistic Suicide and the Blunting of the Avant-GardeX-tra Feb 1998

Selected Essays in Books, Catalogs, & Exhibition Brochures
When Worlds Collude: Colin Cook’s Irreconcilable Differencescatalog essay Mirko Mayer Gallery, Cologne 2009
Kicking Away the Crutches in Bullet Time: Day’s Long Journey into Nowcatalog essay Jancar Gallery, 2008
Uncertain Terrain: Brad Spenceexhibition brochure Shoshona Wayne @ Art Basel 2008
Aspects of Mel’s Holecatalog – edited and contributed essay GCAC 2008
Captain Eelbegone in A Farewell to Eelscomic in Blurred Vision 4 2008
The Closer You Look, the Prettier It Ain’t: Basil Wolverton’s Microscopic GrotesqueThe Original Art of Basil Wolverton GCAC/Last Gasp 2007
Rick Griffin: Heart and Torchcatalog LAM/Gingko Press 2007
Death Cupcake – The Sweet Sweet Poison of Camille Rose GarciaSan Jose Museum of Art 2007
St Sebastian Tom Sawyer Cathy Mishima Expo 67 : Excerpts from a Failed Exegesis of a Failed Exhibition about FailureFAILURE! Experiments in Aesthetics and Social Practices Journal of Aesthetics and Protest 2007
Mark Dutcher “Is a Sad and Beautiful World”Solway-Jones Gallery 2006
Morpheus Rising: Jim Shaw’s Accidentally Therapeutic Dream DrawingsJim Shaw: Selected Dream Drawings Patrick Painter Inc. 2006
Contemplative Frenzy: Sticking to the Surface with Lari PittmanLari Pittman Villa Arson 2005
M. Sélavy’s Cabinet of Wonder161 Year Exposure 1/125 of a Second Exhibition Smart Art Press 2005
Chasing His Own Tale Jim Shaw’s OismJRP Ringier 2005
Encyclopedia HawkinsoniaTim Hawkinson Whitney Museum/Abrams 2005
Radiant Spaces : Private Domaincatalog – edited, designed and contributed essay Able Art Smart Art Press 2004
Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band & Henry Jacobs: Radio Programme No 1Lost In The Grooves: Scram's Capricious Guide To The Music You Missed Routledge 2004
Cottage IndustryThomas Kinkade: Heaven on Earth Grand Central Art Press/Last Gasp 2004
Todd Schorr and the Rehabilitation of PostmodernismTodd Schorr: Dreamland Last Gasp 2004
The Aesthetics of Paranoia: On the twentieth anniversary of JonestownThe Conscious Reader, Ninth Edition 2003, and Eighth Edition, 2000
Brother Rat Fink and the Eruption of the Grotesque in Popular CultureRat Fink: The Art of Big Daddy Roth Last Gasp 2003
Reverend Ethan Acres – From the Ridiculous to the SublimeColorado State University 2003
Sandow Birk’s Fast Food Infernopreface to Dante’s Inferno illustrated by Sandow Birk Trillium 2003; Chronicle 2004
Natural Born Pain Killers: The Secret Diaries of Georganne Deen and Why You Almost Didn’t Get to See ThemGeorganne Deen 1992 –2002 The MAC, Dallas TX
Jim Shaw: Another Story of OThe World May Be Fantastic 2002 Biennale of Sidney catalog
Gone PrimitiveNight of the Tiki- The Art of Shag, Schmaltz, and Selected Primitive Oceanic Carvings Copro/Nason Gallery, Last Gasp 2001
The Big GazeMargaret Keane and Keanebilia Laguna Art Museum 2000
40 Walks with the Sherwood Forester(Short Circular Walks Series) Walk & Write Ltd 1998
This Side of Nirvana: The Delirious Bondage of Jim Shawcatalogue essay in Jim Shaw: Everything Must Go Casino Luxembourg 1999/Smart Art Press

Selected Performance & Audio Work
The Mannlicher Carcano Radio Hourweekly live international audio collage telephone improvisations on Trent Radio , Peterborough ON, 1998-2002, CFRU-FM Guelph ON 2002-2010, CHMR-FM St. Johns, Newfoundland, 2010 - present
Moldy Slide ShowMuseum of Jurassic Technology, Hammer Museum, Riverside Art Museum, Echo Park Film Center, UCLA, various other venues. 2005 - present
Mannlicher Carcano: The Day The Music Died liveperformance with guest soloists Steve Roden, Rick Potts and Dani Tull, with light show by Robby Herbst and Karl Erickson, High Energy Constructs Feb 2007
Mannlicher Carcano: Hegemony Cricketlive improvised Super-8 soundtracks Echo Park Film Center, Mar 2006
Full Radio Duplexitysend+receive festival (experimental music festival) Winnipeg Oct 2005
Mannlicher Carcano vs Nanook of the NorthSound Symposium (experimental music festival) Newfoundland July 2004
Infinite Musicworks MonkeysMusicworks Fundraiser, Toronto June 2004
Recombinant PongAmbient Ping: Radio in Ambience, Toronto May 2004
Hooked on Dialectics: The AnthologyCD The Charles Ray Experience, Warnerkunst 2004
Are You Interested? Back to School(with CCCP-SCC) Grover Cleveland High School Sept 2002
Matt Rogalsky, Ron Kuivila & Doug HarveyBeyond Music, Beyond Baroque May 2001
SoundEscapes Conference, Peterborough ON, various performances and workshops on audio art, solo & with Mannlicher Carcano, June 2000