Ruptured Rationalist Hubris Spews Glossolalia Plume (When That Great Ship Went Down By William And Versey Smith, 1927, Remixed)

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Harry Smith Anthology Remixed

curated by Rebecca Shatwell

Alt.Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne UK, May 2007
Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow UK, July 2008

RUPTURED RATIONALIST HUBRIS SPEWS GLOSSOLALIA PLUME (When That Great Ship Went Down by William and Versey Smith, 1927, Remixed) (2007) dry transfer type and collage on construction paper

"The utterly alien quality of the Smiths' sound conjured an image of the Titanic as a modern Tower of Babel, hemorrhaging garbled technical symbols across the 20th century - in spite of the cult that insists it is still erect/afloat. Harry Smith was one of the central voices in opposition to this delusional trance state."

Full catalog viewable/downloadable as pdf file here.

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