St. Sebastian Tom Sawyer Cathy Mishima Expo 67: Cig Dome 97

St. Sebastian Tom Sawyer Cathy Mishima Expo 67

POST, Los Angeles, October 1997

Cig-Dome '97 (1997) Intentionally collapsed geodesic dome constructed from filter-tip cigarettes and pipe cleaners

"The St. Sebastian Tom Sawyer Cathy Mishima Expo 67 installation was conceived as an experimental narrative circuit structurally analogous to any tragically-flawed-by-hubris utopian gesture, a ‘stations of the cross’ moving the viewer in a more-or-less counterclockwise loop in a deliberately non-coherent sequence of tableaux that relate in fits and starts to the titular thematic concerns. There were approximately sixteen discrete works included, including a miniature curated group show in one corner (with work by Tim Hawkinson, Felix Gonzales-Torres, Jeffrey Vallance, and others) alternately titled Culturally Natural and Naturally Cultural . There was an untitled school-project style Q-tip and Saran wrap model of Expo 67 and a soft pink upright cornucopia entitled Late Proposal for the American Pavilion at Expo 67 in Montreal Canada as well as several other elements."

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