Artists Books Series: Pages From My Life poster

'Doug Harvey: Pages From My Life'
Artists' Books Series, Art Library, Dickson Art Center, UCLA Jan 1993

"I was offered a large glass vitrine in the Art Library at UCLA to show my sketchbooks, zines, comix, etc. Rather than place the opened book on the center shelf, as was the standard operating procedure, I plastered all the surfaces with single pages from all of the above, plus guerilla fliers, small paintings, and pages from my "Revised Janson's History of Art." These were all double-sided or double stacked, so that the inner face of the vitrine showed completely different material, effectively doubling the exhibition surface. Viewers had to peer through the gaps between the horror-vacuii installed pages to see the inner display." DH

Left - detorneed Family Circus cartoon flier for the show.

Doug Harvey: Pages From My Life Gallery